10 effective ways to get more people on your next event


You have planned the event thoroughly, considered all its aspects and set the plans in motion – but your work is only beginning! It doesn’t matter, how great the event you have planned is, if nobody knows about it! You want to attract your ideal audience and potential clients, making sure they mark their calendars and attend the event. That can be achieved with a successful promoting strategy, which we divided into 10 simple steps that will fill your empty sits in no time!


 1.     Create a Posting Schedule & Promo Prompts

Make sure you promote your event consistently and at every opportunity. Create a social media schedule (for example Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, …) and tick off the boxes every day. Write down a list of calls to action, so you can refer to them quickly when you need to insert one in your social media post or promo e-mail.


 2.     Follow Your Competitors – and Their Events

Always keep an eye on your niche and industry - most of all, be aware of their events and plan yours even better. Follow your competitors so you can see what they’re doing and avoid scheduling events that conflict with theirs.


 3.     Appeal to Your Attendee’s Emotions

When you are promoting your event, try to use powerful words and images that trigger associations, memories, visions and goals in your ideal audience. Speak to their emotions – their dreams and fears in particular.


 4.     Make Sure Your Event Contains at least One Priceless Takeaway

Your goal here is to get as many people as you can to attend your event. While you’re at it, make sure they will remember you regardless of their decision about the event. Even if an attendee declines your offer at this time, you want them to become your subscriber and remember your name. Make a positive impression and include at least one high-value takeaway piece of information.


 5.     Set a Clear Goal & Get Others to Promote Your Event

You might be tempted to unload a mass of information on your event audience, convincing them how good and professional you are. Don’t – you will only end up confusing them. Set a clear goal for your event and focus on one major task you will help your audience to accomplish.


 6.     Ask a Question & Get Others to Promote Your Event

Identify the key question that your ideal audience is asking themselves – then ask it on your landing page and promise the answer (if they attend the event, of course).

Another good way to increase your reach is by asking other experts in the field and satisfied clients to help you promote the event – you’ll return the favor when they need it.


 7.     Use Visual Aids in Your Landing Pages

Don’t focus all your attention on great promotional posts and e-mails, use visual aids too! They’re modern and attract more attention than plain text. You can make slides, mini-videos, photographs, charts or graphics to enhance your presentation and help you keep your main points clear.


 8.     Make Sure an Event Format is the Best Choice for Your Audience

Don’t just create a (random) event because everyone else seems to be doing it. Plan it to the last detail and make sure it’s perfect. Find out in advance what type of event is best for your ideal audience and stick to it. Once everything is set and the details of the event are taken care of, promote it with podcasts, videos and articles.


 9.     Give a Mini-Taste of Your Event

Try out your plans for the event by hosting a mini-event with similar topics – you can do it in real life or online, that depends on the nature of the event. You can also try sharing one simple tip or technique – offer it in social media post or e-mail. Gauge the response to it and adjust the main event accordingly.


 10.  Be Proactive in Attracting Powerful Co-hosts or Guests

Don’t wait for people to approach you, that will get you nowhere. Find out who in your niche and industry is about to launch a similar program or product and offer them a collaboration spot on your event. You can also look for a well-known expert to co-host with.

How do you attract your ideal audience? 


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